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Terms of use


The payment information are coded and ensured by the security system SSl. The only orders that will be honored are the ones done with credit cards authorized by the bank. Once the payment is made, the SPRL Bijouterie Schyns will provide a receipt to the client.

Generation of the contract

The orders done on the server commit the customer to the regulation system, as soon as our customer service gets the order.


The SPRL Bijouterie Schyns commit itself to deliver the order as soon as possible. The delivery period which are indicated on the order form are only indicators and the possible delays do not allow the customer to cancel the sale, to refuse the product or to ask for compensation.

Every claim for non-conformity or missing has to be conveyed within the week following the date of receipt of the order.

The SPRL Bijouterie Schyns is freed of its duty of delivery in every fortuitous case or in a case of absolute necessity. As an indication, partial or general strikes, floods, outbreaks of fire are cases of absolute necessity.

The transfer of ownership of the delivered or the to-be-delivered product is suspended until the full payment by the customer and this, without any impact on the transfer of risks.

The deliveries are executed all over the world. The products are packed in transport-adapted packaging. Every irregularity noticed during the delivery has to be noted on the dispatch note of the transporter.

It is highly recommended to check the exactness of the sending address.

Every imprecision might become a cause of loss or delay, but also of extra costs.

Retractation right

The customer has 14 days after the delivery of his/her order to send the products back to SPRL Bijouterie Schyns for exchange or refund, and this, without any penalty except the sending costs. The returned products are still in their packages. 

Where can I find information about a product?

Every product presented on the website is accompanied by a description. You just need to click on the picture of the product you are interested in.

Are the products directly available?

The products presented on the website are generally available. In the opposite case, the customer will be informed by email.

What is your price policy?

The SPRL Bijouterie Schyns offers you the best prices for products of high quality. This is why we keep close relationships to our suppliers in order to offer you the best price for the best product.


Are all of our products under guarantee?

Every product is guaranteed by its manufacturer. The guarantee does not insure against wrong uses of the product or against wrong estimation of its qualities, neither against deterioration due to extern factors. For watches, the guarantee does not include the glass and the bracelet.

Prices and charges

Every price is indicated with the tax and without the shipping charge.

The dispatch charges are free in Belgium and in the neighboring countries for every buy of 75€ or more.

Because of possible price fluctuations, we give ourselves the right to change the price of the products and of the dispatch charges without previous notice, but the products will be invoiced on basis of the prices in effect when the order has been recorded; subject to availability of the product or a possible error in encoding and/or printing.


The SPRL Bijouterie Schyns owns the products until full payment of the corresponding invoices. In case of dispute over the invoice, the SPRL Bijouterie Schyns has the right to reclaim the goods in their original state. Every dispute that cannot be settled out of court will be under the exclusive competence of the courts of the judicial district of VERVIERS: the Belgian right system being the only one applying. The SPRL Bijouterie Schyns can modify the shipping conditions without previous notice: the only conditions applicable being the one effective at the time of the order.

Right of return

Most of the products are directly available and we will try to answer every demand. However a brief stock outage might happen for some products. In this case, the indicator “ordered” (“red label”) will be displayed on the website. Still, you can book them y contacting us via email or telephone. Pay attention that only one sending will be done for an order. If you ordered several products and that some are not directly available, the order will only be sent when every product of the order has arrived at our shop. If you want the available products as soon as possible, you need to make two separate orders: one with the available products and one with the unavailable ones. We will keep in touch with you to tell you when your order can be delivered and your products will be instantly booked.

In case of stock outage of one or several products displayed as “available” at the moment of the order, we will send you your order in two parts without extra charges. 

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